Weald Review

Weald Review

The play talks about the growing suicide rates in the UK. The statistic that 2014 saw 4,600 male suicide cases in the UK is cited in the play by Daniel Foxsmith. Do not come to a conclusion that suicide is the main theme of the Snuff Box production but it talks about the emotional battles waged by men. The play revolves around two men Jim and Sam. Jim, a 25-year-old comes to the rural stables for work and Sam; a middle-aged man accepts his company, and the two together have a great time, playing darts, taking care of the horses and laughing at the neighbours solar panels.

The stage is set in the twenty-first century and is a perfect depiction of how the two feel worthless. Jim left a girl pregnant in London and Sam was abandoned by his wife for not able to produce children. The role of Jim is depicted by Dan Parr and despite his best try, he is unable to portray the worthlessness in his character. David Crellin plays the role of Sam and is unfit for the farmer but prefers reading local history. It may be a little weird to note interest in history for a local horse raiser. They make a fantastic pair, not to forget that one is vulnerable without the other. Their father-son dynamics is worth a watch.

But the violent climax is totally uncalled for the script that was so balanced. The violence at the climax comes as a surprise to the audience despite the tempered script. Sam moves into verbosity and the final scenes hardly blend with the initial scenes. The play talks about complex emotions and painful subjects but, unfortunately, the duo was unable to manage with the fluency expected for the role.

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