Rabbit Hole Review

Rabbit Hole Review

Despite a play of sorrow, the Rabbit Hole won accolades for its effort in bringing out the grief of a young couple who are on the verge of losing their child. The play made to the Broadway in 2006. The writer David Lindsay-Abaire won Pulitzer Prize in 2007. It was later made into a film in 2010 starring Nicole Kidman. The play was a big challenge for UK stages because it was not only an emotional subject but also the subject was in the backdrop of New York State. It is one of the reasons why talented British actors speak with foreign accent despite the story does not require it. Though, the accent has come to mixed reviews as it turns out to be a distraction most of the times.

The stress of accent on one side and the bland design and muted characterisation makes the production unsentimental and uncomfortable. The play is of emotional genre making it more uncomfortable while watching it in the UK despite the sets talks of New York. The story revolves around Becca and Howie, who lost their son Danny in an accident. After that what happens in their life is depicted in the play. Becca comes to know that her younger sister is pregnant, and it turns out to be an emotional challenge for her. Meanwhile, Becca does not want to compare the experience of her mother losing a son to suicide at the age of 30.

On the contrary, Howie is trying hard to get his marriage back by attending bereavement classes. Jason is the person responsible for the accident of young Danny and his reactions are mixed. The writing is schematic, and the production is well performed except for the first act that was rushed not giving scope to feel the pain in the words. The play is not entirely emotional and serious. There are laugh and wits here and there to make the play watching experience interesting. Overall the writing is sensible and can attract the crowd that are looking for some serious drama. Despite being distant, this play has some material making it a worthy watch.

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