How Actors Keep Their Energy Levels High When Performing on Stage

ballet-don-quijote-895062_640Actors’ bodies are the canvases from which their artistic juices flows to the stage. They frame gestures to evoke emotions for their viewers and give life to the written text from the screenplay writers.

Given the rigorous demands of the industry, how do these actors stay on top of their game? Here are some insider tidbits from the theater industry on what makes actors more enduring than Energizer bunnies.

1. They rehearse to condition themselves.

Films have shooting schedules and stage performances have their very strict rehearsal schedules. This is where most of the energy management magic for actors begins. The demands from actors at a physical level are managed more easily by the repetition of the lines and the execution of crafting a scene with the other characters. This is where they get to pace themselves and their energies before the actual live performances.

2. They master balance and timing.

Most actors are excellent multitaskers and are masters of how they manage their time. The immense concentration required from each performance demands that there are no distractions from other aspects of the actor’s life. This focus helps them retain their energies instead of squandering it elsewhere.

3. They earmark relaxation and recovery time.

In between performances, actors have their own respective methods of relaxing or recovering from the exhaustion of a full-blown performance on stage. Some take vacations, and conduct rituals that get them in the zone, while others do simple things like breathing exercises or meditation.

4. They drink lots of water.

Acting and athleticism draw a lot of parallels with each other. As such, part of an actor’s energy management lies in his or her food and drink intake. Drinking enough fluids facilitates the nutrients more easily. Of course, the water needs to be clean and must be infused with the right mineral to be able to provide the body what it needs. There are many types of water softeners and all of which offer different nutrients and minerals through their processes. Make sure to do your research so you’ll end up buying the right one.

5. They find the right process for the right situation.

Finding proper solutions to execute a scene or portray an emotion without expending too much energy on one scene and losing touch on another is an art that can only be mastered by intuition and experience. Good actors are able to distribute their energies throughout the performance.

6. They take good care of their bodies.

Most actors have a workout schedule outside of performances and rehearsals to help them stay in shape for the task at hand.

In reality, acting on stage or in other forms of media is not as easy as it looks. The real professional actors make it look like it’s a piece of cake to convey real life on stage, but the insiders know that more than keeping energies high, it takes a lot of work, skill, and commitment to have an unforgettable stage performance.


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