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Circus of Horrors - The Day of the Dead *Parental Guidance Advised*

The Day of the Dead

The Brand new X travaganza from The Circus of Horrors

Following on on the huge success of The Asylum, The Circus of Horrors has had a major revamp & is back rocking & shocking with a brand new show 'The Day of the Dead'.

Set in Mexico during the early 1900's , the cast of chasosmongers transport the body of their doyen Dr Haze to a remote area of Mexico. Previously inhabited by Inca's they join in the local inhabitants Day of the Dead rituals to try & revive their esteemed leaded, all to disastrous consequences.

Amid a backdrop of Witch-doctors, Voodoo Acrobats, Pickled People, Bendy Bodies, Demon Dwarfs, Blood Curdling Stunts and flying Vampires erupting from a tank of water from chains.

Once revived, The Undead Ringmaster Doktor Haze who takes you through this hellish tale with the help of the live devil driven rock n' roll of the The Interceptors From Hell and a huge uncontrollable cast of Amazonian Beauties, and some of the worlds greatest, grotesque, most daring & bizarre Circus acts.

The Greatest Circus of Horrors show to Date

'The King Pole;

Totally Unbelievable

'Scott Mills, Radio 1'

Barnum Would be proud

'Time Out'

The Day of the Dead spectacular takes The Circus of Horrors into a staggering 15 years since it first trampled the bloody boards, it has since toured relentlessly around the World achieving cult status since, generally dragging Circus screaming and shouting into the 21st century and beyond.

NOW the whole evil ensemble is back with a BRAND NEW SHOW. Day of the Dead

'Pierrot Bidon, director of the legendary chainsaw slinging Archaos returns to co. direct this strange new musical masterpiece in his own inimitable style with shocks,surprises & black humour. The crowd favourites as still there but are now entrapped in a Amazonian adventure. All intermingled & entwined with oddities, fakirs and death defying Circus acts

Music & Story by: Dr Haze

Artistic Director: Pierrot Bidon (Archaos)

Special Effects: Savage Optic

The Circus of Horrors can be presented in the Round in a Circus Tent or Arena. On a Proscenium Arched Stage or on a Festival or Concert Hall Stage.

Obituary & Quotes

Created in 1995 after a chance meeting (ironically at a funeral) between Dr Haze & Circus impresario Gerry Cottle the Circus of Horrors made it's debut at the Glastonbury Festival of that year.

Since then The Circus of Horrors has toured the world in major venues & festivals, including, a Arena tour of Argentina, Uruguay, Chile & Holland. Fuji Rock Festival. Japan. Tolwood Festival in Munich, Galway Festival, Ireland, Glastonbury Festival

(twice), Plus most of Britain's art & music festivals including an unprecedented fourth visit to the Edinburgh Festival.

It has recently completed a 78 venue Theatre tour, the length & depth of the UK and has appeared on many TV show's including, Ant & Dec's saturday night takeaway, Richard & Judy, Davina McCalls Don't try this at Home (8 times), A Royal Command Performance, A cameo role on London's Burning, So Graham Norton, Jerry Springer, This Morning, & Bizarre ER and many news related programs. Plus 2 of its former performers were Big Brother inmates.

It has released 2 soundtrack albums 'Destiny & Desire and Welcome to the Freak-show and the DVD Undead & Alive, the third & definitive album 'The Evil Anthology of Dr Haze & The Circus of Horrors' is due for release in October 2008.

'Horror was Shocking bur SHOCKING is the new Horror'

Grant Pollard, producer BBC.

'Bloody Good Fun'

'Carry on Coffin'

Time Out

'You'll Die Laughing'

La Nacion in Buenos Aires

'The Funniest Show On Earth',

Abendzeitung in Munich

'Circus Without A Condom'

The Telegraph

'Better Than Sex'

Japanese Times

*Parental Guidance Advised*

Date: Thursday 19th November 2009
Time: 7.30pm
Ticket Pricing: £28, £22, £18, £12 / Concessions available £3 off top price tickets
  • Circus of Horrors - The Day of the Dead *Parental Guidance Advised* - Picture 1
  • 7.30pm
  • No smoking
  • For various reasons some areas of seating further away from the stage may give a restricted view