5 Things Every Stage Man Has in His Toolbox When Setting up a Stage

Setting up a stage is not easy. It takes a lot of time and effort. An entire day won’t even be enough, especially for bigger stages. It also takes more than one person to get the job done. Every stage man needs a tool box so he doesn’t need to go back and forth looking for things necessary for setting the stage up. Here are 5 of the most important items that should be in the toolbox.

  1. Screwdriver. Temporary stages are usually held together by screwdrivers. Once the show is over, the stage can be unscrewed and removed. With the help of a screwdriver, the process can be easily done.
  2. Cutter. It is also important to have a cutter to cut ropes, electrical wires, tapes and other items that have to be cut.
  3. Hammer. There are stages that have to be built permanently. There is a need to use a hammer and nail to fit the pieces together.
  4. Knife sharpener. When using a knife to cut items, it is important to use the best handheld knife sharpener. It can also sharpen other pointed objects that are used in setting the stage up.
  5. Gloves. For safety and protection, gloves are important. Anything can happen while setting up the stage. It is best to stay protected.

It takes some time getting things done. It takes even longer if the equipment and materials needed in building the stage are not around. It means that those who are dealing with stage design must have their toolboxes ready before starting the job. It is also irritating to put the task on pause just because there are not enough materials on the box.

Once the process is over and the stage is setup, it would look totally amazing. Just do one more check to ensure that the stage won’t crumble and fall apart once people start using it. There should be no injuries throughout the show or else the people who have built the stage will be held responsible. It could also tarnish the reputation of the organisers and impede their plans in the future.

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